Digital readouts for manual machine tools

Digital readouts for manual machine tools increase your productivity. You save time, increase the dimensional accuracy of the finished workpiece and enjoy userfriendly operation. It plays no role whether you have equipped a new or used machine with a digital readout. HEIDENHAIN digital readouts can easily be retrofi tted to any model of machine or type of equipment, whatever the application and number of displayed axes. Practice-oriented functions and cycles are available for various applications. The distance-to-go display feature with graphic positioning aid allows you to approach the next nominal position quickly and reliably simply by traversing to a display value of zero. And POSITIP speeds up small-batch production—repetitive machining sequences can be saved as a program.

Precise manufacturing made easy: Together with linear encoders from
HEIDENHAIN, the digital readouts measure the axis movements directly. The
backlash caused by mechanical transfer elements such as lead screws, racks and gears therefore has no influence.

Selection guideNumber of axesModel
ND 200 series
Digital readouts for measuring devices, adjustment and testing equipment, automated tasks, as well as simple infeed and positioning tasks with one axis
• Monochrome (ND 280) or color screen (ND 287)
• Splash-proof full-travel keyboard
• Switching inputs/outputs (ND 287)
1ND 280
ND 287
ND 500 series
Digital readout for milling, drilling and boring machines, as well as lathes, with two or three axes
• Monochrome screen
• Membrane keyboard
ND 522
ND 523
Baureihe ND 780
Digital read out for milling, drilling and boring machines, as well as lathes, with up to three axes
• Monochrome screen
• Splash-proof full-travel keyboard
•Switching inputs/outputs (via IOB 49)
Up to 3ND 780

Digital read out for milling, drilling and boring machines with up to six axes, as well as lathes
• Color screen
• Program memory

• Splash-proof full-travel keyboard
• Switching inputs/outputs (via IOB 89)

Up to 6PT 880
ND 1200R RADIAL-DRILL series 
Digital readouts for fast and conventional radial drills
• Monochrome screen
• Full-travel keyboard
• Switching inputs
ND 1202R
ND 1203R