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Exposed Linear Encoders (개방형 리니어 엔코더)

개방형 리니어 엔코더는 측정값이 고정밀도를 요구하는 경우 사용할 수 있도록 설계되었다. 
주요 응용분야는 :

  • 반도체 측정 및 생산장비 
  • Pick and Place machine
  • 초정밀(Ultra-precision) 시스템 
  • 고정밀(High-accuracy) 기계
  • 측정기기 및 투영기, 측정용 현미경 및 기타 정밀 측정장치 
  • Direct drives(DD 모터)   


Absolute encoders and encoders with position value output




Position error
per signal period

Measuring length


The LIC exposed linear encoders permit absolute position measurement both over large paths of traverse up to 28 m and at high traversing speed. In their dimensions and mounting, they match the LIDA 400.

± 0.08 µm

Up to 28440 mm

undefined LIP 200

The LIP 211 and LIP 291 incremental linear encoders output the position information as a position value. The sinusoidal scanning signals are highly interpolated in the scanning head and converted to a position value by the integrated counter function. As with all incremental encoders, the absolute reference is determined with the aid of reference marks.

± 0.001 µm

Da 20 mm a 3040 mm

Incremental encoders



Position error
per signal period



The LIP exposed linear encoders are characterized by very small measuring steps together with very high accuracy and repeatability. They operate according to the interferential scanning principle and feature a DIADUR phase grating as the measuring standard.

Up to ± 0.04 µm

Up to 3040 mm


The LIF exposed linear encoders have a measuring standard manufactured in the SUPRADUR process on a glass substrate and operate on the interferential scanning principle. They feature high accuracy and repeatability, are especially easy to mount, and have limit switches and homing tracks. The special version LIF 481 V can be used in high vacuum up to 10–7 bar (see separate Product Information sheet).

± 0.04 µm

Up to 1020 mm


The LIDA exposed linear encoders are specially designed for high traversing speeds up to 10 m/s, and are particularly easy to mount with various mounting possibilities. Steel scale tapes, glass or glass ceramic are used as carriers for METALLUR graduations, depending on the respective encoder. They also feature a limit switch.

Up to ± 0.2 µm

Up to 30040 mm


On the PP two-coordinate encoder, a planar phase-grating structure manufactured with the DIADUR process serves as the measuring standard, which is scanned interferentially. This makes it possible to measure positions in a plane.

± 0.04 µm

Measuring range 68x68mm