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HEIDENHAIN products and their applications

This following pages offer you an overview of the HEIDENHAIN product program and its areas of application. Here you will find:

  • Length gauges, linear encoders, rotary encoders, magnetic modular encoders and angle encoders for precise position measurement
  • Subsequent electronics such as digital readouts and interface electronics for the visualization or transmission of measured values acquired with our position encoders.
  • CNC controls for milling, milling/turning, drilling, boring machines and machining centers
  • Touch probes and comparator systems for acceptance and inspection of components, tools, and complete machine tools

This comprehensive product program offers solutions for all applications in which the highest possible accuracy, reliable reproducibility and repeatability, safe process management, high machine dynamics, simple operation and of course maximum efficiency are required.

Our products are therefore used primarily in high-precision machine tools, in plants for the production and processing of electronic components as well as in automated systems and machines. In addition, we supply our products to manufacturers of elevators, medical technology and others.

We have developed and built measuring and inspection devices for many of the world’s standards laboratories as well as angle encoders for various telescopes and satellite reception antennas. Of course, the knowledge we’ve gained in these endeavors has also flowed into the manufacture of our series products.